Black Brilliance in Branding: The Brands Who Get It

According to recent studies, Black consumers are not only driving cultural trends but also holding significant buying power in the marketplace. From beauty to tech to fashion, Black consumers are influencing industries and shaping the way brands do business. And get this—their spending power is projected to reach trillions in the coming years. Yep, trillions.

So why does it matter if brands get it right? Because when brands authentically connect with Black audiences, they’re not just building customer loyalty—they’re investing in the future. They’re showing that they see us, they hear us, and they value us. 

Need inspiration for your next campaign? Here are a few brands who just get it.

Topicals “Funner Flare Ups”  Campaign

Topicals has succeeded in connecting with Black consumers by centering its brand identity and marketing around representation, authenticity, and community engagement. The brand’s founders, who are Black women, created skincare products formulated for melanin-rich skin and aimed to destigmatize chronic skin conditions affecting people of color. Their “Funner Flare Ups” campaign featured vibrant, colorful visuals and empowering messaging resonated deeply with Black and multicultural consumers who have historically been underrepresented in skincare marketing. By featuring a diverse array of models and influencers openly discussing their skin journeys, the campaign celebrated beauty in all its forms. Topicals also wove in cultural references and humor that felt authentic and relatable to these communities.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” Campaign

Nike’s brand isn’t just about sneakers—it was about dreams, ambition, and pushing boundaries. So it’s only right that in its “Dream Crazy” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, Nike took a bold stand for social justice and racial equality. By partnering with Kaepernick, a powerful symbol of activism, Nike showed the world that they weren’t afraid to speak out against injustice. The result? A campaign that sparked conversation, ignited passion, and reminded us all that dreams don’t have limits.



Fenty Beauty’s “Beauty for All” Campaign

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, she didn’t just create a makeup line—she created a movement. With her “Beauty for All” campaign, Rihanna challenged beauty standards and celebrated diversity in all its forms. From the diverse range of 40 shades to the inclusive marketing imagery, Fenty Beauty sent a clear message: beauty is for everyone, no matter your skin tone, gender, or background. It was a game-changer for the beauty industry and a shining example of how brands can use their platform for positive change.



From bold statements to inclusive campaigns, these brands have shown us that when you authentically celebrate diversity, everyone wins. 

Now that you’ve seen the power of brands that get it right, ready to join forces with the Chromies and take your marketing to another level? Holla at us.

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