The Client | Coach Joe’s

Coach Joe’s is a food brand run by Coach Joe, a former college football coach that enjoyed making great food for his players. This love of cooking led to the creation of his business, a brand that is now sold worldwide.

Scope of work


Food Truck Design

Marketing Materials

The problem | branding A MOBILE RESTAURANT

In order to bring Coach Joe’s beloved cooking out onto the streets, he needed a food truck that was easily identifiable. It also needed to attract attention, but most importantly the branding needed to show Coach Joe’s for what it was: a twist of southern comfort and Tex-Mex designed to bring people together.

The solution | FUN AND identifiable

Coach Joe’s truck features a bright design that customers can easily recognize, but that also feels very inviting. Featuring the bright blue and green of Coach Joe’s branding, the truck compliments the food it serves in a way that leaves customers wanting more.

Chroma Collabs

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